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Sociocybernetics expert, business trainer, experienced manager and Theory of Constraints consultant (TOC Consulting Goldratt School). 

Sociocybernetics expert, business trainer, experienced manager and Theory of Constraints consultant (TOC Consulting Goldratt School). For the past 17 years he has been creating and developing sales teams in Poland and abroad. Along with the Directors of Sales, he develops strategic actions allowing the company to improve its financial results and the directors to improve their effectiveness and performance results. He serves as a strategic advisor in manager and sales meetings.

He helps find significant constraints in the company’s development that are also its biggest resource. He subordinates all activities to these resources, enabling rapid business growth. His work philosophy boils down to using resources that already exist and optimizing their usage. He is capable of increasing sales throughput up to 50%.

He participated in the development of retail chains in Moscow, Kiev, Belarus and in the Czech Republic. He implemented and developed the know-how of sales teams in printing, agricultural, electrical, IT, recruitment (temporary work), metallurgical, construction and car cosmetics industries. He served as an advisor to management staff in terms of operational management.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Diagnosis of main limitations in the sales system, development of managerial skills enhancing achievement of set goals, consulting and training of the sales departments in B2B.
  • Development of managerial skills (delegating, follow-up, giving feedback, motivating, conducting management conversations).
  • Change management  
  • Projects changing and implementing sales systems based on Theory of Constraints.
  • Projects improving effectiveness of the sales departments. 
  • Trainings in designing sales systems and reporting systems.

Featured projects 2020-2021 improving effectiveness of the sales departments: (security systems, monitoring, gate automation) – increased revenue by 42%, profit margin by 20%

Procam Sp. z o.o. (distributor of plant protection products) – organized sales activities, increased revenue by 20%

Tikrow Sp. z o.o. (startup – temporary work agency) – developed sales structures and exceeded set goal

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Marta Makowiecka

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