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Integra Consulting Poland is a training and consulting company established in 1997. Since then, the business offer has been continuously growing. Today, it is the only brand on the market with a comprehensive approach to employee skills improvement. We handle recruitment and selection, skills identification and consulting, competency trainings and process improvement in the organization.

Hundreds of satisfied customers, solid business relationships and thousands of participants of our trainings prove that Integra’s business activity is effective and provides expected results. Through competency trainings we strive to ensure that the employee’s development and growth has a direct impact on the improved company performance. We take full responsibility for the results of our training – that’s why a customer satisfaction survey is very important, as it helps us get feedback on the customer satisfaction and the quality of our training.

  • Managers and management staff of all levels
  • Board of directors
  • Masters, foremen and leaders
  • HR department staff
  • Internal trainers
  • IT department staff: Project managers, developers, team leaders
  • Customer service department staff
  • Sales specialists, tradesmen, buyers
  • Assembly line workers, specialists, office staff, production operational employees, technology department, logistics and finance department staff etc.
  • Talented individuals and successors
  • New hires

Integra Consulting Poland offers both soft skill trainings (management, personal effectiveness) and sales trainings. We care about the employees’ well-being – we offer a wide variety of trainings related to stress management, work-life balance, emotional intelligence or trainings that focus on preventing job burnout. We also improve lean processes in the organizations, i.e. process audits, Lean Leadership projects, Lean Six Sigma, 5S, problem solving, TPM, TWI, VSM, API, work standardization, Kanban, Kaizen, Gemba Walk or Shop Floor Management.

When it comes to processes, we make sure the result doesn’t overshadow the human being – his needs, skills, strengths and areas of improvement.

We offer trainings both onsite at a customer location and online, offering the ultimate flexibility. We make sure that during both forms of training 70% of time is devoted to practical hands-on activities and 30% to the necessary theory.

Our courses are available in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and German.

Workshop scenarios are based on so called “Kolb’s mini-cycles”. The introduction of each model or tool always starts with an exercise (a game, assignment, simulation etc.) that is meant to help build awareness, draw conclusions and create a self-reflection, which in turn allows for a self-evaluation: what do I already know and what am I capable of, what do I want to improve and change, what support do I need? This results in an enhanced desire to use the new skills and improve your work style.

During our trainings we use various active learning methods such as: practical assignments, individual appearances, skills training, moderated discussions, testing and concluding, experience and good practices sharing, simulations, questionnaires and tests, licensed training games or feedback.

Onsite trainings are usually conducted by 1 or 2 trainers. Online trainings are conducted by 2 trainers.

If you’d like 100% of time and attention to be devoted to your training needs then the individual training is the best choice for you. The form, training scope, time and competencies you wish to improve will be all tailored to your expectations. Therefore, what you learn during the individual training is only up to you! More information can be found under the “Individual trainings” tab.

Open trainings require a separate registration. They are not designed for a specific organization or team but are open for all people from various companies. The agenda of the upcoming open trainings and the meetings schedule can be found under the “Open trainings” tab.

HR Sampling is an online course aimed at the HR department staff. The purpose of the sampling is to present what Integra’s trainings are all about. During our workshops we present our work methods, tools, solutions and developed practices. From the wide variety of topics important for the industry we select those with the top priority and we invite the Integra Consulting Poland experts to share their knowledge and experience.

Detailed training content is always tailored to the individual needs of the customer, organization or team. We don’t work with ready-made training templates. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find a training that best suits your needs. We will be happy to determine your training needs and prepare an offer that will be custom-made just for you.

Yes, Integra Consulting Poland helps with getting the EU funding, among others, the EU grants. We offer comprehensive services to help you secure adequate funding for your company’s development.