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Individual courses

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Integra - szkolenia
Integra - lean
Integra - rekrutacje

Do you want to make the best of your training budget?

You find group training to be less effective due to the fact that participants represent various advancement and experience level? Are you looking for a solution where 100% of time and attention will be devoted only to you?

Individual courses

Individual courses

Szkolenia Indywidualne - najlepsze rozwiązania

Integra - szkolenia indywidualne - najlepsze rozwiązania

Individual courses are the best solution if you are looking for improving specific skills. Why?

  • focus on individual needs and goals;
  • work with experienced business coach;
  • 100% time devoted only to you;
  • support every step of the way and work tailored to the individual goals and competency level;
  • intense training of specific skills and analysis of difficult situations;
  • continuous feedback and advice from experienced consultants;
  • lots of practice instead of too much theory;
  • practice the ability to apply the newly learned methods of knowledge and tools in everyday work;
  • various work methods, depending on your needs in a given situation;
  • inspiration to discover your own resources, ideas and opportunities to change;
  • reinforcement of the ability to make intended changes independently.

How do we work?

Individual course – standard

  • Price: 1350 zł netto +23% VAT
  • Duration: 2h
  • Form: online

Trainings for purchasing departments
are priced individually.

Integra - szkolenia indywidualne - jak pracujemy

Jak pracujemy - wsparcie

Szkolenia indywidualne - wsparcie

The form, training scope, time and competencies you wish to improve will be all tailored to your needs.

In our individual courses we use the following forms of support:

Integra - Mentoring


Our consultants share the experience in their area of expertise (advise), point out and suggest solutions proven to work best in a similar situation.

Integra - Konsultacje


Ideas and opinion sharing between you and the consultant, joint development of optimal solution for a given situation.

Integra - Coaching


You will get an opportunity to take a closer look at yourself, how you communicate in certain situations, why and with what outcome. Our consultant asks questions to prompt reflection and discover other options. Together we analyze opportunities, look for solutions and make a conscious decision on what needs to be changed and how to do it.

Integra - szkolenia

Intense training

We will provide information regarding tools, models and work methods, as well as study materials such as: books, articles, videos and how to use them in practice. Training during sessions and themed exercises to complete in between sessions.

Szkolenia indywidualne - zadania

Integra - szkolenia indywidualne - zadania

Individual courses mean hard work not only during the sessions with a business coach. It is also a whole variety of assignments in between sessions as well as an inspiration to self-reflection on personal resources and limitations.

Przykładowe tematy szkoleń

Szkolenia indywidualne - przykładowe szkolenia

Sample subjects of individual courses

  • Effective communication and information flow
  • How to give proper feedback
  • The basics of managing a team
  • Building authority and leadership
  • Delegating and executing tasks
  • Motivation
  • Resolving conflict and difficult situations in the workplace
  • Time management and prioritizing
  • Assertive communication in the organization
  • Presentation and public speaking
  • Creativity and innovative thinking

For the purchasing department

  • Category management
  • Supplier rating and validation
  • Setting up a purchasing department
Integra - szkolenia indywidualne - Dla działu zakupów

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