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Why Integra

Integra - szkolenia
Integra - lean
Integra - rekrutacje
Integra - Dlaczego Integra - Kompleksowe podejście do podnoszenia kwalifikacji

Integra is the only brand with a comprehensive approach to employee skills improvement – through recruitment and selection, skills identification, trainings and process improvement in the organization it contributes to the growth and development of its business clients, making people:

  • want to work HERE
  • know WHY they work
  • want to work TOGETHER
  • ENJOY working and being committed
Integra - Dlaczego Integra - kompleksowe rozwiązania wspierające pracowników i organizacj

Our offer includes complex solutions supporting the employees and the organization at every stage of development in the following areas:

  • Competency trainings for managers and teams
  • Lean Management
  • Original development programs
  • Consulting, HR, Coaching
  • Employee recruitment and selection
  • Work-life balance

Satisfied people in growing companies

We ensure that through our trainings, recruitment and employee skills improvement the organizations we work with grow in terms of effectiveness and results.

In our daily day work we focus on partnership and trust. We take full responsibility for the results of our actions.

Dlaczego Integra - W naszej codziennej pracy stawiamy na partnerstwo  i zaufanie.

We are the driving force of change and give meaning to work. Our mission is to pass on the knowledge in an attractive, comprehensible and easy to remember way.

Dlaczego Integra - Kogo szkolimy?

Who can benefit from our trainings?

  • Managers and management staff of all levels
  • Board of directors
  • Masters, foremen and leaders
  • HR department staff
  • Internal trainers
  • IT department staff: Project managers, developers, team leaders
  • Customer service department staff
  • Sales specialists, tradesmen, buyers
  • Assembly line workers, specialists, office staff, production operational employees, technology department, logistics and finance department staff etc.
  • Talented individuals and successors
  • New hires
O nas - Dlaczego Integra - Skontaktuj się z nami

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