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Work methodology

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Concept sets us apart

We believe in a holistic approach and strive to ensure that the employee’s development and growth has a direct impact on the improved company performance.

When it comes to processes, we make sure the result doesn’t overshadow the human being – his needs, skills, strengths and areas of improvement.

That’s why we created the original concept of business competitiveness triangle - based on the combination of the competence triangle (knowledge, skills, attitude) and the customer expectations triangle (costs, meeting deadlines, quality).

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We believe that:

  • In order to deliver the expected product and service quality the supervisor’s attitude must serve as a role model;
  • In order to reduce costs and improve employee commitment, knowledge about business processes and interpersonal areas is an absolute must;
  • In order to deliver a complete product or service on time, one needs the ability to use managerial tools and lean management.

People Sharing Growth!

Know-how - Metodyka pracy - Jak szkolimy?

About our trainings

  • Onsite at a customer location or online - offering the ultimate flexibility
  • Available everywhere in Poland and abroad (so far in the United Arab Emirates, Lithuania, Latvia, France, Germany, Ukraine, Romania, Czech Republic and Great Britain)
  • Available in Polish, English, Ukrainian, Russian and German
  • Short form of 1-2 days trainings or cycles spanning over several months
  • Reliable and professional – out trainers are business experts with years of practical experience
  • No overabundance of theory

Use of training methods

Use of training methods
Use of training methods

We conduct trainings because we enjoy working with people, we listen, advise and search for connections between the people and the business needs.

Workshop structure

In order to maintain the attention, activity and focus of the listeners, teach through experience, each time return to the business context and the possibility of exchanging experiences of the application of the technique / model at work, the workshop scenarios are based on the so-called Kolb minicycles.

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The introduction of each model or tool will always begin with an exercise (game, task, simulation, etc.), which will be used to build awareness, draw conclusions and self-reflection, which in turn will allow for self-assessment: what I already know and can do, what I want to develop and change, what support I need... and, as a result, the desire to apply new skills and improve their style of work.

We want each participant to feel responsible for their development and strengthen their sense of influence for achieving further levels of competence. Individual goals, formulated on the basis of conversations.

How do we engage training participants?

practical task before training

introduction of tools, ways and techniques

short, practical presentations

practical tasks to solve

practical exercises to implement

video clip as instruction or inspiration

licensed training games

exchange of experiences and good practices

case studies

individual speeches of participants

skills training


observation and analysis sheets


practical tips from the trainer

working out solutions in the team

moderated discussions

testing and inference

questionnaires and tests

planning changes

post-training practice

A reliable business partner

We are a strong business partner. For over 25 years we have continued to build our competencies and our original, effective programs and processes based on the most recent knowledge. This allows us to build long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Metodyka pracy - Pewny partner biznesowy

Researching the needs

An individual approach to each problem guarantees employment and effective training already at the contract stage. We fulfill the promise of quality through the best staff of trainers – practitioners with many years of experience, understanding the present and respecting the universal principles of effective work – both in the personal dimension for each employee and for business.

Metodyka pracy - Badanie potrzeb

Continuous desire for growth

Continuous desire for growth allows you to find in our offer not only a possibility to set up online trainings using various interactive online tools, but also a whole variety of unconventional topics as a response to the modern world needs.

Metodyka pracy - Ciągła chęć rozwoju