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Certifications of our trainers:

During our workshops we use certified tools that help us fully and objectively examine personality differences, thinking styles, reaction to stress, components of emotional intelligence etc.

Know-how - Narzędzia i gry - Akordeon

Our trainers are certified in the following assessment methods:

is an assessment of natural and adapted behavioral styles. It points out the potential and strengths of the examined person. It is based on C.G. Jung’s personality types. There are no better or worse results – there is only an indication of who works using what resources, what are his/her behavioral tendencies (in communication, decision making, management, teamwork). This assessment allows for a better cooperation through a deeper understanding of your own differences, it also allows you to purposely use the mutual potential, using your own strengths and the strengths of your team. DISC is based on a model that describes four behavioral styles in a reliable way: Domination (D), Influence (I), Stability (S) and Conscientiousness (C).

is an individual and team assessment of key personality preferences. This method comprehensibly describes human personal preferences and behaviors resulting from them. It strongly relies on Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of personality types. It uses easy-to-remember and intuitive language of colors, which are a “cover” for Jungian assumptions helping users to understand this method faster and better, and then put it in practice. Insights Discovery is an excellent methodology to deepen your self-awareness and a great starting point for a better understanding of others or a better management.

is the scientific and revolutional approach that shows precisely what drives a person and influences their behaviour. This method was developed in the United States by professor Steve Reiss after an extensive empirical research. Its main concept is to look at a human being as an individual motivated by the 16 basic desires/motivators. An individual who wants to learn about their personality profile takes a test that consists of 128 questions. Test results show the hierarchy of values of the test taker and through what values they perceive the reality. The combination of these basic desires/motivators is completely different for all of us, for every employee and every team.

is an assessment that describes a person's natural way of thinking and behavior. It gives an insight into a person’s natural predispositions – at work, in relationships, in personal growth. The FRIS model combines 4 cognitive perspectives: Facts – Relationships – Ideas – Structures.

is an assessment that measures natural talents. It describes which activities are the most natural for the test taker, therefore the easiest to complete. It also helps unlock the potential and succeed in every facet of life.

is an assessment that measures the 18 key sales competencies: prospecting, qualifying, building rapport, following the sales process, goal orientation, needing approval, controlling the sales process, handling objections, questioning effectiveness, active listening, critical thinking, initiative, presenting, effective time management, dealing with failure, determined competitiveness, money concept, emotional distance.

this questionnaire consists of 48 questions that measure the component parts of mental toughness – the 4C’s: control, commitment, challenge and confidence.

is a questionnaire of the emotional intelligence that measures components such as the ability to respect and understand one’s own emotions as well as others. The Dinemo test consists of 33 descriptions of various situations. The participants choose one of the 4 methods of responding to a specific situation that is the most natural and typical of them.

is a psychological assessment of job burnout symptoms. It addresses the level of job burnout in the following areas: exhaustion, cynicism and professional efficacy. It consists of 16 questions referring to the frequency of noticeable symptoms.

Seven areas of professional life. This assessment consists of 34 closed questions evaluating the workload, sense of influence on the job, noticeable recognition, fairness, value consensus, relationship with coworkers and direct supervisor.

it is an objective method of gathering a wide range of feedback on the competencies of the test taker (knowledge, skills, attitudes) from co-workers, reporting staff, colleagues, and customers. The review is in a form of an online questionnaire in one of the three variants:

  • 180° (self-evaluation + feedback from the supervisor)
  • 270° (self-evaluation + feedback from the supervisor + feedback from the co-workers)
  • 360° (self-evaluation + feedback from the supervisor + feedback from the co-workers + feedback from the subordinates)

is a personality questionnaire in the business context. It will help you determine whether an applicant or an employee is a good fit for the requirements of a given job.

Certified training games:

Licensed and original simulation games give the participants an opportunity to practice skills and new ways of action in an environment very similar to the real world. We offer games, among others, from Poland, Canada and Germany - some of them also available online.