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Alicja Matecka

I am a business trainer and advisor, coach, manager and mediator with 24 years of experience. I focus on projects for the manufacturing companies. For over 19 years I have been managing teams of trainers and multi-phase, complex consulting and training projects – so far I have completed over 100 of them.

I reinforce Lean Management projects and transformations, supporting the management and leadership teams and enabling them to gain new leadership skills such as relationship building, creating management standards, reinforcing responsibility, limiting micromanaging, creating environment suitable for cooperation, guiding teams through the process of change, using personal resources to best benefit the individuals and organizations. During courses, I use my skills to build a positive relationship with the group and each individual. I emphasize the importance of using resources and strengths of the trainees but, at the same time, I approach in an open and friendly manner the process of correcting errors preventing a successful development in a certain skills area. Thanks to my energy and skills I am able to steer the participants in the right direction and point out an effective development path.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Leadership and management in Lean culture for management staff 
  • Development programs for line management related to leadership, along with a practical on-the-job training
  • Development programs for mentors and internal trainers – how to share knowledge, how to complete employee onboarding
  • Attitude change programs in terms of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) and product quality
  • Individual coaching


  • School of trainers of the Polish Psychologists’ Association
  • School of trainers of the Center for Citizenship Education (CCE)
  • Postgraduate studies: Education Management and Entrepreneurship
  • Helsinki School of Human Rights – conducted by the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights
  • Negotiation-mediation program (theory and practice) conducted by the Conflict Resolution,
  • Research and Resource Center and the University of Warsaw
  • “Training for trainers” certificate – course conducted by the Conflict Resolution, Research and
  • Resource Institute Tacoma, Washington
  • Extended DISC certification training
  • Transactional Analysis 101 certification training

Other team members

Łukasz Przybylski

Łukasz Przybylski
Łukasz Przybylski
Grzegorz Mielewski

Grzegorz Mielewski Grzegorz Mielewski

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