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Jacek Jarmuszczak

Business trainer and practitioner.

 He started his professional career as a buyer in FMCG industry in Poland, where he led successful procurement negotiations with suppliers all around the world – using mainly electronic tendering systems. He then worked as a Strategic Buyer at Philips Lighting, leading global brand in professional lighting, where he created a purchasing strategy for Europe and led negotiations with the key suppliers. In his current role as the Manager of the Electronic Purchasing Department at Carlsberg Group he runs approximately 600 tenders a year for all Carlsberg plants all over the world.

Expert in electronic tendering, auctions and procurement management (e-procurement), procurement negotiations, building successful relationships with the suppliers. He has a vast practical experience in implementing and improving electronic tools that support purchasing departments (supplier review, contract management, internal order flow, electronic auctions). Long-term contracts in Western Europe, USA, Asia and work at the headquarters of a global corporation have allowed him to gain extensive experience in intercultural business management.

Main areas of expertise:

  • Developing buyer skills, tools and methods to enhance assortment management and negotiation,

  • building long-lasting supplier-client relationships, also in the intercultural aspect (cooperation with the Far East),

  • management of cost optimization projects across the entire value chain.


  • Master of Engineering, Poznań University of Technology, majoring in E-commerce

Featured projects 

  • Implementation of 14 optimization project in 16 months for all Philips Lighting plants located in India; projects resulted in savings of half a million euros,
  • Created a strategic procurement plan for Philips Lighting plant in India,
  • Implementation of Vendor Managed Inventory tool along with Consignment Stock that resulted in savings of 350,000.00 euros and reduced stock levels to 4%. Proven to be a success, this approach was later implemented in most of Philips plants all over the world,
  • In 2009 Jacek helped Philips save over half a million euros during just the first phase of negotiations – this happened during the “Supplier Appreciation Day” attended by over 100 largest Philips suppliers. It  was the highest amount negotiated that day,

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