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Personal trainer, fitness instructor - Aqua Fitness, kettlebell training, Schwinn Cycling.

Camp counselor for children and teenagers. She conducts individual training sessions with tennis players, swimmers, skiers, cyclists, basketball and volleyball players. She focuses on a holistic approach to the human body as a multifunctional machine, in which a failure of one part significantly affects the rest of them. She participated in numerous trainings and courses: for managers, self-development, first aid, Pilates, training core, proprioception, motor coordination and spatial perception in training for athletes. Marta conducts Body Mind Training for Managers® workshops for companies and organizations, with a strong focus on spinal health and workplace ergonomics.

Key clients

Biedronka, Duni, Fabryka Formy, Pepco Poland, Reka Rubber, Równoważnia, Selgros, Studio Treningu Personalnego NoLimits, Unisystem 

Other team members

Waldemar Woźniak

Waldemar Woźniak

Przemysław Lisek Przemysław Lisek

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