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Duni EFF -Motivation for change

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Duni EFF -Motivation for change

Duni EFF -Motivation for change

Motivators according to Reiss Motivation

Category: Category: training projects

General informations

Together with DUNI EFF (accounting, shared services center) we completed a project that diagnosed the attitude of management staff towards changes, enhanced individual openness to change and improved managerial skills in this area, using individual and team analysis according to Reiss Motivation Profile methodology. During 2 full days and 15 individual sessions we analyzed 16 motivators for each of the managers (and for the entire management team) and we searched for ways how to practically apply the knowledge about human motivation to Duni EFF changing business environment, considering both the internal and external changes.


15 people

V-VI 2022

x h

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What did the company need?

DUNI EFF was faced with a challenge of adapting to providing various types of accounting services to their clients, and as an employer they had to face a strong and growing competition on the local market. Therefore, without compromising the important values and the organizational culture (which were attracting highly qualified professionals), the company wanted to develop a model that would allow them to not only prepare and adapt to changes, but also enhance employee motivation for self-development, company growth and better cooperation.

Main objectives of the project

Main objectives of the project

  • Analysis of the 16 key motivators (using a proven, certified tool) in terms of enhancing one’s own openness to change and managing it wisely.
  • Analyze one’s own attitude towards change and experience the habitual way of behaving during change.
  • Demonstrate how the manager’s behavior affects the organization of change, employee attitudes towards change and effectiveness of the implementation.
  • Increase awareness in terms of the number and types of changes that the company will be facing over the next 2 years.
  • Analyze the potential of the management team, as well as the limitations resulting from the specifics and the intensity of the 16 motivators. Draw conclusions and develop specific recommendations.
  • Expand management behavior repertoire that is conducive to effective implementation of changes in the organization.


We made the decision that over the next 2 months we will host 2 full-day workshops on our premises, preceded by the Reiss Motivation Profile assessment for each of the 15 key managers and a one-on-one session with a RMP consultant to help the participants understand the model from an individual perspective and analyze the 16 universal motivators.



  • They were given the opportunity to strengthen their self-awareness of self-motivational factors (RMPs)
  • Managers have gained greater managerial awareness and maturity in the field of wise and effective change management.
  • They rethought their habits and strengthened their openness to change.
  • They learned how to use knowledge about motivators to strengthen an individual approach to employees.
  • They got to know each other better and harmonized even more as a management team, because they understood to what extent their own motivators affect the quality of management and the quality of cooperation: not only in their team, but also in the entire company.
  • They received a handful of useful models for understanding the mechanisms of change and employee management in this process.
  • Immediately, during the workshop, they translated this knowledge into their own challenges and their own business practice.

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