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Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

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Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

Manufacturer of pharmaceutical products

TWI implementation in administrative processes

clientstype Training mode: Onsite training

Category: Category: lean projects

General informations

The main goal of the project completed for Nutricia ZP in Opole was to implement TWI in administrative processes. The project included the following departments: Supply Chain, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Control, production (leaders and specialist), Digital, Finance, corporate offices and the board. Overall, 155 specialists and leaders responsible for non-production processes were trained in TWI Instructing Employees method.

Main objectives

Main objectives

  • Knowledge management in the organization – one of the managerial skills
  • Knowledge sharing with other employees
  • Standardization and shorter onboarding time
  • Enable the supervisors and employees to acquire skills that would help them effectively serve as a mentor


  • Developed over 500 Job Breakdown Sheets
  • Developed over 30 skills matrixes
  • Shorter employee onboarding time
  • Conducted over 300 training sessions according to the Four-step Method of Instruction
  • Implemented standards that allow every employee to acquire the same level of knowledge and skills
  • Identify competency gaps in processes thanks to the existing matrixes

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