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Marcin Śliwka

From the beginning of my professional career I’ve been involved in business process management using Lean Management philosophy. I gained my work experience in manufacturing companies in the chemical and electronics industry (LCD SHARP). I know the principles of process improvement inside out thanks to working as a Production Leader, Service and Repair Supervisor, Lean manager and Project Manager. As a Project Manager, for 3 years I was responsible for a comprehensive implementation of Lean Management at the main supplier of chemical products for IKEA group around the world. I’m very familiar with working in short production cycles and short lead times. During the implementation of improvement projects I focus on the analysis of available data, using analytical methods and tools based on Six Sigma philosophy. I pay close attention to developing and improving business awareness of the management staff, focusing mostly on the flow time and process stability, quality, operational and investment costs. I also specialize in creating effective Kaizen systems in service and manufacturing companies. In my projects I concentrate on improving the cooperation between the departments and various functions in the organization. I support activities that enhance improving the skills of the management staff – especially the quality of communication based on facts, precision of setting goals and tasks, effective delegating.

Main areas of expertise:

  • improving manufacturing and management processes
  • systemic projects supporting company strategy 
  • shaping a culture of lean organization and attitudes of responsibility
  • LEAN SIX SIGMA tools and project management in terms of: stabilizing existing processes using DMAIC methodology, designing and improving production layouts, Shop Floor Management, process standardization, Kaizen, TWI Job Instruction, TWI Job Methods, SMED, TPM, Problem Solving, Lean Leadership sessions for leaders and supervisors.

Featured projects:

  • FMCG industry client, IKEA supplier. My main responsibly was to implement Lean Management philosophy from scratch in all plant areas and adapt it to production standards and the requirements of IKEA IWAY management system. Thanks to the implementation of the right tools, in less than 3 years the company improved its key indicators by approx. 30% and became a registered member of 10 STARS group – top ten best IKEA suppliers in Central Europe.
  • Project TWI Nutricia Zakłady Produkcyjne Opole (manufacturing plant in Opole) - TWI JI training and individual sessions for administration and production staff (over 100 employees).
  • Managed a large production department, responsible for the design and launching of a new assembly line soldering electronic components to the motherboards. OEE score of 89 and 98 quality indicator in less than 3 months from the process launch. I was actively involved in preparing the plant for certification, responsible for a comprehensive standardization of crucial processes in production, logistics, administration and management. This project, along with the implementation of KABAN in internal logistics, reduced work in progress by 60% and allowed recovering 1500 m2 of free space.

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Grzegorz Mielewski

Grzegorz Mielewski
Grzegorz Mielewski
Paulina Węgrzyn

Paulina Węgrzyn Paulina Węgrzyn

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