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Household appliances manufacturer

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Household appliances manufacturer

Household appliances manufacturer

Organizing processes and problem-solving according to Lean Management

clientstype Training mode: Onsite and online training

Category: Category: lean projects

General informations

The project assumptions were to conduct a series of workshops both onsite at a customer location and online. Over 40 people participated in the workshops.

What did the company need?

The need for this project resulted from the necessity to develop process skills and problem-solving techniques among workshop participants.

Training was aimed at office staff (HR department, Occupational Safety and Health, Quality control) and supporting technical specialists (R&D, technical departments) in a factory manufacturing household appliances.

Main objectives

Main objectives

  • Learning the principles of “lean” process organization
  • Gaining knowledge of visual work environment management
  • Gaining the ability to use the Lean tools in administrative processes
  • Gaining the ability to differentiate added value from waste
  • Experience the impact of teamwork on the effectiveness of problem solving
  • Learn about tools and root cause analysis for problem solving, as well as techniques of choosing the best option

The course of the project



As a result, the participants:

  • realized how the interconnections between processes affect achieving goals related to external customer service satisfaction and the improvement of the company’s competitiveness
  • learnt to notice redundant activities in their daily work
  • realized the importance of stable processes, standardization, quick information and document flow 
  • learnt about various problem-solving methods
  • learnt how to analyze process data and make decisions based on the results
  • noticed the importance of teamwork in problem solving

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